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How to Get Spooky Black Buttercream - Flour Lane

How to Get Spooky Black Buttercream

Looking for a delicious and spooky way to celebrate Halloween? Look no further than black buttercream! This recipe is simple to make and will add a touch of ghoulish fun to any party. Follow these easy steps to create this tasty treat:


First, start with a basic buttercream recipe. You can find many recipes online or in cookbooks. Once you have your buttercream made, follow these tips to make it black. You'll need to add black cocoa powder first. This will give you a chocolate-flavoured buttercream and also give you a dark base to start with. Black Cocoa can be bitter so we recommend tasting your chocolate buttercream as you go.


Once you have a chocolate buttercream this is a good base to start adding your black colouring. You will need a black concentrated gel colour (we recommend Colour Mill Black) and start adding the black colour until you achieve a wet concrete look. This is where you stop and you let the magic happen.


The last tip is to leave your buttercream to develop for at least 24 hours. if you can leave it for 3 days, even better. Place your buttercream in a sealed container in the fridge and come back to it in a couple of days and it will be the darkest black buttercream you ever did see.


Next, use a piping bag or spatula to apply the black buttercream to your cupcakes or cake. Get creative and have fun with our easy tips! Happy Halloween!